Although these three are all “stones,” they differ by their composition and how they are produced.

Granite is a category of natural stones where the grain (or the specks that form beautiful patterns) is visible. The colours and patterns range significantly, covering white to black and specks to veins. Marble is also a natural stone, often with more extravagant patterns. However, marble is prone to scratch and stains compared to granite. Quartz is a type of engineered (or man-made) stone. As a result, colours such as red, green, and purple are available to choose from. Furthermore, the specks in the stone are also more uniform. Quartz is a popular choice among buyers because it is the very durable and hard to stain.

In general, quartz and granite are cheaper than marble. The actual price will vary depending on the selected stone colour.

difference between Granite, Quartz, and Marble

It can take anywhere between a week to a month after submitting the deposit. The size and complexity of the project also affect the time.

Stone slabs are typically 2 cm (3/4’’) or 3 cm (1-1/4’’) thick. In some instances, extra pieces of stone can be attached beneath the countertop to create 4 cm thick edges. This is known as 2cm double thickness.

First, we’ll arrange for cabinet measurements to get an estimate. Please select several samples from our supplier’s website that you may wish to use (in “About Stone” section). You may also send us a rough drawing as well as sample name to receive the estimate faster. Once the price is finalized, the selected slabs of stone are cut and polished. The countertops are then installed onto the cabinets. If there are any problems, our representative will gladly assist you.

It is important to realize that it’s impossible to have two identical slabs of stone. There can be a substantial pattern or colour variation between two slabs of the same type of stone, especially when they are bought at different times or from different suppliers. This is more prominent in natural granite and marble, whereas engineered quartz is more consistent in colour. Give yourself some flexibility in choosing your stone colour and always check the slabs in person before purchasing.

Naturally, stone countertops are easy to maintain by cleaning with hot water or with formulated stone countertop cleaners. The worse situations you will face as you continue to use your countertop are scratched/dulled and stained surface. If a spill occurs, it is important to blot away the liquid as soon as possible to minimize staining. Additionally, this reduces surface corrosion or damage caused by acidic liquids on marble surfaces.

To maintain a natural shine and provide protection for your granite or marble countertop, we recommend resealing it once a year with formulated stone sealer. This process, however, is not necessary for quartz countertops.

Do avoid using abrasive cleaners as it will etch away on the surface. While stone countertops are exceptionally durable, it is best to use cutting boards and refrain from cutting or sawing items directly on the surface.

No. Be especially careful at the narrow region in front of the sink because applying great force can cause the countertop to crack. Also please do not stand on top of the counters.

We require a deposit of at least 50% of the total cost. For instance, for a $4000 project, the deposit is $2000.

We stand behind our countertops by offering a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, this warranty does not apply in circumstances where deliberate damage is involved. Please speak with our representative for more assistance

We accept credit, debit, e-transfer and cheque.

Your feedback is important to us to make our products and services even better. We appreciate your reviews on what we did well and what we should improve upon.

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